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Pre-Sales Engineers | AI Focus

Lucd is looking for strong AI Pre-sales Engineers to join our team supporting the growth of our customer base and continued evolution of our company.

Lucd Pre-Sales Engineers have these key responsibilities:

  • Develop use cases for platform and work with customers and partners and explain and demonstrate the value of Lucd Enterprise AI

  • Align technical features to customer requirements and architect solution approaches for customers

  • Input customer requirements to Lucd Enterprise AI product and commercial teams

  • Demonstrate the Lucd Enterprise AI platform at work in customer contexts and within overall customer solutions

Skill Requirements

A successful candidate will have a combination of:

  • Experience serving in the capacity of a technical sales engineer in data science, big data, or machine learning environment

  • Experience with open source python based data science solutions and building and or training deep learning/machine learning models

  • Experience discussing technical solutions to technical and business focused customers and partners

  • Experience with data engineering and data transformation and manipulation needed to prepare data for training AI models

  • Understanding the needs of and how to leverage AI trained models in Enterprise production applications

  • Experience with tabular, image, and NLP based AI

  • Working knowledge and experience with TensorFlow and PyTorch

  • Working knowledge of Kibana dashboarding

  • Ability to rapidly learn, adapt to, and leverage emerging and new technologies

Daily Activities

It is the responsibility of Lucd Pre-sales Engineers to address the dynamic needs of external customers / partners:

  • Work with customers and partners to present Lucd Enterprise AI capabilities and understand and align to customer and partner AI solution requirements

  • Demonstrate the Lucd Enterprise AI platform to customers and partners

  • Work with product management to understand product roadmap and new features as well as input customer requirements back to product management

  • Work with customer success teams to enable smooth migration from pre-sales to post-sales engagement

  • Work with sales and marketing on technical go to market requirements

  • Build Enterprise AI demonstrations leveraging the Lucd Enterprise AI platform and related AI tools

  • and other duties as assigned

Ready to jump in! Send your resume to: