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User Experience Design Engineer

Lucd is relentlessly focused on revolutionizing how the AI development and production life-cycles are executed and governed in enterprise settings. This includes how technical experts traverse and collaborate on AI development workflows (e.g., perform data feature transformations, AI experimentation, AI governance and integration), as well as how business experts extract actionable insights, value, and interpretability from data analytics and AI model output. Innovative and intuitive UI/UX design are core parts of Lucd’s goals for success. Enterprise AI development is a rapidly evolving space, and hence our customers need powerful intuitive interfaces for rapidly executing technical tasks as well as communicating value with a broad set of stakeholders.

As a user experience (UX) design engineer, you will be responsible for making design contributions to, as well as directly implementing user experience components for Lucd’s enterprise AI development application (which is developed using Unity). This includes using the most sophisticated capabilities of Unity (and related 3D frameworks) for implementing essential interface controls to facilitate enterprise AI development in an engaging, intuitive, and efficient manner. Furthermore, you will assist with implementing essential visual analytic components for data science (e.g., 3D scatter plots, confusion matrices, histograms, Sankey diagrams), again using Unity to present such components in intuitive and captivating ways. You will be a member of the Product Development team, reporting the Chief Product Officer. You will mainly collaborate with the Managing Director of UX and UX Development Lead.

The ideal candidate is expected to embody the following characteristics:

  • Exemplary communication and documentation skills

  • Extreme passion for understanding and anticipating users’ requirements and preferences

  • Boundless curiosity for identifying emerging experience trends and enthusiasm for using as a catalyst for change to make experiences more effective, relevant and successful

  • A self-starter that has excellent time management skills, is comfortable dealing with ambiguity and can synthesize complex work-streams into a single narrative

  • Highly collaborative and innovative

  • Ability to work within an exciting distributed startup environment

Basic Qualifications

  • Talent in creating 3D models and texture creation in 3rd party software such as 3DMax, Maya, Blender or Unity frameworks.

  • Ability to follow creative directions from the Product Development ledership to create visuals and skins for the platform.

  • Experience in contributing to the creation of design guidelines and component libraries

  • Ability to create environmental effects such as particle physics and animation (looped)

  • Experience with Unity Shader Graph and VFX Graph

  • Proficiency with the following tools: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Figma, Framer, InVision, Marvel, PowerPoint, graphic facilitation

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