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Lucd User Experience Design Challenge

Lucd is relentlessly focused on revolutionizing how the AI development and production life-cycles are executed and governed in enterprise settings. This includes how technical experts traverse and collaborate on AI development workflows (e.g., perform data feature transformations, AI experimentation, AI governance and integration), as well as how business experts extract actionable insights, value, and interpretability from data analytics and AI model output. Innovative and intuitive UI/UX design are core parts of Lucd’s goals for success. Enterprise AI development is a rapidly evolving space, and hence our customers need powerful intuitive interfaces for rapidly executing technical tasks as well as communicating value with a broad set of stakeholders.

The Role

As UX Design Lead, you will lead the design of the graphical user experience of Lucd’s software products (across desktop and mobile platforms), with the main focus on navigating AI development workflows. You will collaborate with a cross-functional team of product management, front-end engineers, AI and data experts, and the broader Lucd executive leadership. You will be responsible for developing tangible human-centric strategy that frames opportunities and builds conviction with internal and external stakeholders. You will also be significantly involved in all aspects of a project from user-research through to experience definition, prototype development and C-suite presentations.

The Challenge

We want you to provide feedback and your vision for the user experience accounting for these key areas:

  • Usability - We intend for data scientists, data engineers, analytics and practitioners to spend a significant working hours in our clients executing various activities.

Describe your approach to minimizing user fatigue and optimize the UX for productivity.

  • User Workflow - Ensuring that usage of the various elements of each client is auditable and tracked in such a way to enable improvement in the experience is critical.

Describe your approach to implementing the tooling and controls necessary to achieve this goal.

  • Corporate Brand and Feel - Establishing a brand identity that a recognizable and familiar across desktop, mobile, tablet, web and even AR/VR is critical to ensure that users can readily switch from one platform to another with a maximum efficiency.

How would you approach the challenge of establishing this level of consistency across all of these platforms?

Describe your approach to coordinating with marketing and business development teams to ensure that the Corporate Brand is consistent for the entire customer experience.

Lucd Clients

  • The Client Docs Page provides basic user guidance to utilize our client software.

  • The Lucd JedAI Client is an immersive client for our product.

  • Lucd Avicenna is a Kibana based application with a current focus on Pandemic Modeling, Kibana is built into our product and will be utilized more broadly moving forward as a tool to explore, examine and analyze data on the Lucd platform.

Challenge Guidelines

Please balance the response to include both tactical and long term approach where appropriate, our goal is to understand your experience and thought processes. You may focus on one of the areas and go deep and/or multiple areas and go broad in your response. Be sure to justify your approach with portfolio, references, examples and anecdotal evidence.