Technical Sales Consultant

Lucd is seeking a Technical Sales Consultant (TSC) whose role is to assist the pre-sales process in support of the Lucd sales account manager or Lucd channel partner sales account manager. The candidate will be responsible for communicating, presenting and supporting the technical and operational characteristics of the Lucd software/platform as well as understanding and articulating the necessary elements needed for a streamlined solution delivery.

The candidate should be well versed and experienced in data management, security, AI modeling and business workflow integration as it pertains delivering an Enterprise AI solution.

The candidate must be skilled at cross functional interactions, problem solving and pre-sales engagements.

Pre-sales technical consultant who possesses broad technical acumen, business comprehension and sales goal driven. The combination of these skills are needed in order to fully understand the challenges facing the enterprise market as organizations traverse the digital transformation journey. That journey will result in leveraging AI to deliver insights, outcomes and predictions that only AI can provide.

Proven experience:

  • Supporting pre-sales and post-sale activities and implementations.

  • With distributed computing systems.

  • With a variety of data stores and tools (relational, noSQL, graph, Hadoop) (Apache NiFi, Kibana Kubernetes and Python).

  • Understanding customer requirements then documenting and map those requirements to existing or new use cases.

  • Ability to envision, document and map new customer solutions in a virtual setting and on-site projection and white board sessions. (Post Covid)

  • A deep understanding of data formats and multiple data modalities.

  • Architect and articulate complex solutions to customers.

  • Quickly learning, understanding, and articulating the integrate of multiple applications and platforms.

  • Understanding cloud, private and on-premises solutions.

  • Creating presentation material and present at all organizational levels.

  • 10+ years of experience as a customer facing presales engineer.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with sales, product, customer experience and engineering managing or transitioning pilot or proof of concept projects with customers.

  • Work with our sales and partner teams and lead client demos.

  • Become a subject matter expert of the Lucd platform, capabilities, and underlying core technology.

  • Define and document implementation steps for ingestion from data pipelines.

  • Collaborate and advise best practices, such as data mapping, dashboard solutions, hardware solutions, for implementation with Lucd solution.

  • Document use cases and case studies of Lucd Customers for product and marketing purposes.

  • Enthusiasm for working in a highly collaborative environment.