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Avicenna Model Predicts Impact of Pandemic Downstream

Lucd JedAI Avicenna

Lucd Avicenna is the latest feature of the Lucd JedAI Client, look for the Epidemiology button on the application menu.

Avicenna Model Predicts Impact of Pandemic Downstream

Events can drive behavior. Simulation models can leverage valuable data to model a discrete sequence of events in time. Whether it is pandemic response planning or preparedness for the next disruption an organization may face, simulation models can provide forward looking insights. This can not only be done for response during an event but also it can be used to address challenges post-event. As an example, how will hospitals and health organizations address their future?


Lucd’s Data Fusion, security and scalability enables planning, actions and mitigation for targeted and efficient command and control. Lucd is able to consume and ingest large data sets including real-time data capabilities. This can help organizations consume that data and create simulation models. chain and countless other impacted areas.

Lucd builds advanced Enterprise AI solutions including advanced pandemic event driven simulation modeling, AI powered workforce insights, supply chain analytics and more. Lucd calls this model, Avicenna.

Imagine your organization whether it is a retail outlet, a financial organization, manufacturing or any other industry being able to leverage proven simulation models to help plan and prepare.

As an agent based simulation model, Avicenna is capable of analyzing the effective data and variables to help businesses predict potential outcomes. Better planning for product releases, market entry decisions, staffing challenges, financial analysis, potential supply chain disruptions and much more can be modeled to help predict potential outcomes with greater accuracy.

How is this done? The Avicenna model leverages industry leading machine learning and deep learning capabilities that only the Lucd Enterprise AI platform delivers.

Lucd JedAI Health

Helps Hospitals and Health Organizations to Plan and Prepare

  • How will they handle surge of elective surgeries?
  • Staff planning for procedures?
  • Restrictions/mandates while delivering the services?


Through Lucd’s JedAI Avicenna model and simulation capabilities in relation to today’s crisis, Lucd ingests real time COVID-19 data coupled with hospital patient information, bed counts, fire department, police and ambulance information and more in order to look forward and enable planning and preparedness. As hospital organizations attempt to plan for the new normal, Avicenna event driven simulation model provides these outlooks.

Lucd JedAI Retail

Retail outlets have been tremendously impacted by this health crisis. Most of the retailers have been shut down and reopening will result in a new environment. Conforming to new standards and regulations will impact customer engagement, customer planning, product delivery and more. Retailers will need to transform the way in which they support consumers and their entire way of business. How can they plan, prepare, react and have better insights as to what decisions they should make? Lucd JedAI Retail is able to analyze industry, market and the mobility data of consumers for better planning and deliver necessary solutions.

Customer service, product availability and supply chain are other example as to how Lucd JedAI Retail can use the Avicenna event driven simulation model to enable retailers to plan for macro or micro market challenges.


Lucd JedAI In Summary

Organizations were not fully prepared for the impact of today’s crisis. Hospital management will now be able to manage, staff and plan for the likely surge of elective surgeries as the current crisis progresses. Retailers will be better able to manage new and emerging consumer behavior and interactions as the disease runs it natural course.

Lucd JedAI Retail solutions can reduce cost, maximize revenue and mitigate risk as the new normal and its guidelines govern business practices.

Give your team the tools it needs to properly prepare. The Avicenna event driven simulation model is now available for free trial for your business. Simply download the Lucd JedAI client and try the Avicenna model to give your business the tools that it needs to make the best decisions. Lucd is pioneering the creation of Enterprise AI with its end to end platform.

About this Software

The Lucd JedAI Client provides an immersive easy to use user experience that facilitates a collaborative approach to Visual Analytics (understanding data) and Exploratory Data Analysis (preparing and transforming data for analysis) and is the primary mechanism to accomplish these tasks with a secure interface into the Lucd Unified Data Space (UDS). The stunning 3D UI accesses the UDS remotely via a secure network connection (SSL/TLS).

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