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Lucd AI Models Help for Planning and Preparation

AI models can help leaders & business’s make better decisions, product recommendations, improve process accuracy, highlight anomalies and when combined with human knowhow, AI can make companies, schools, governments, hospitals, and humans in general, better.

What we did is develop Avicenna. Avicenna is an infectious disease model that incorporates mobility and time. This enables pandemic modeling outputs to be put into practice and for the first time give leaders the ability to see into the future, improving situational awareness.

As I walk through my local Publix, I see the shelves still missing some staples. Retailers are telling us the existing tools have become worthless during this pandemic. Everyone is trying to figure out how to move forward safely. Where to open, how to staff, what to put into the order systems. There will be a lot of trial and error without new systems that enable the business to work differently.

It’s the difference between driving down the road looking only in the rear view mirror, your front window blocked, no lights, just darkness(BI=the old way) vs forward looking heads up display, bright lights, and sensors(AI+Avicenna=the new way).

The combination of strong event-based predictions models as inputs to AI models we can now peek into the future. With Avicenna our customers can react faster and make better preparations for future events. Business impacting decisions on a broad variety of resources and supply chains demands.

About Lucd

Lucd provides an immersive easy to use user experience that facilitates a collaborative approach to Visual Analytics (understanding data) and Exploratory Data Analysis (preparing and transforming data for analysis) and is the primary mechanism to accomplish these tasks with a secure interface into the Lucd Unified Data Space (UDS). The stunning 3D UI accesses the UDS remotely via a secure network connection (SSL/TLS).

Download the Lucd JedAI Client from STEAM Website