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Introducing the Lucd JedAI Application Suite


The Lucd JedAI Application Suite enables business stakeholders, data scientists, and the Enterprise as a whole, to transform and unlock data value in a secure, governed, explainable and collaborative manner by leveraging the Lucd Enterprise AI platform and its unique machine learning/deep learning capabilities.

Lucd JedAI brings industry-specific capabilities across healthcare, finance, retail, supply chain, and government. Users are able to leverage Lucd’s immersive Unity based client or Python client to explore, transform, and run AI models on their valuable data.

The Lucd JedAI Suite provides the means to interact with the Lucd platform. The Lucd JedAI suite includes:

Side Note: The Lucd Unified Data Space is indexed leveraging Elastic.

New Feature Spotlight | Lucd Avicenna

Lucd Avicenna

Lucd Avicenna Predicts Impact of Pandemic Downstream

Events can drive behavior. Simulation models can leverage valuable data to model a discrete sequence of events in time. Whether it is pandemic response planning or preparedness for the next disruption an organization may face, simulation models can provide forward-looking insights. This can not only be utilized for event response but also to address challenges post-event. As an example, how will hospitals and health organizations address their future?

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