Go to the following link: Avicenna Dashboard

And you will see:

Login with your credentials and you will see:

Click on “Dashboard”:

You will see the following, click on Avicenna:

You will see the Lucd Global Pandemic Prediction Model Landing Page:

If you are familiar with Kibana Dashboards, you can now use that knowledge to explore.

There are many web resources on interacting with Kibana dashboards. Here is an introduction Kibana Dashboards

The following are an introduction to some initial views to explore. But, there are many things that can be done exploring the Avicenna dashboard

Before jumping into specifics, it is important to select the date filter you want to look at. Avicenna projects pandemic spread into the future, so selecting the proper date window to view the dashboard is important.

For instance, select the date pull down and change the window to the next 15 days, then select apply:

You will see all the visuals in the dashboard update to be filtered to show only the date range you have selected.

Now, say, with the filter set at the next 15 days, we only want the visuals to show for a particular state, say, Alabama. In the Search bar, type “State:Alabama”:

You will see the visuals filtered for Alabama only.

If you wanted to further filter on a metro area or county you could further filter by selecting those on the pie chart:

Let’s say you just want to see what a particular date in the future is going to look like. Go back to the date field, click on it and select a 24 hour period and select update:

You will see:

Also, suppose you are not sure about this particular model, you can remove the model filter:

You will see other models that are available in the dashboard:

There are many many many more ways to filter the dashboard. You are encouraged to explore, search on kibana dashboards or post questions on The Lucd Community Site

first draft 22July2020